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iVAC Pro Switch, 115Vac, 20A

iVAC Pro Switch, 115Vac, 20A

  • S11520-A-NA
  • $83.95

The heart of the iVAC Pro automated dust control system. Automatically turns on your shop vacuum or dust collector when you turn on a tool that is connected to the iVAC system via an iVAC Pro Tool Plus, an iVAC Pro Remote or iVAC Tool interface. Each iVAC Pro Switch can accept signals from up to 8 different tools to form a system. Up to 4 iVAC Pro systems can operate independently in the same workshop. 115V/20A.

Due to the high demand of the products, we run out the supply of iVAC Pro Switch S11515-A-NA. As a replacement, we are supplying an upgraded version of the iVAC Pro Switch S11520-A-NA which has doubled switch current capacity. This will also allow users to be able to use higher horse power (up to 1.5HP) dust collector with a 20A wall socket in the future.. 
For this replacement, we will include an adapter cable supporting standard 15A wall socket (NEMA 5-15) for free.

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