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iVAC Pro Magnetic Switch Controller

iVAC Pro Magnetic Switch Controller

  • MSC
  • $69.95

The iVAC Pro MSC has been designed to address the needs of the UK, Europe, Australian and New Zealand markets to enable the introduction of the complete iVAC Pro System modules, such as iVAC Pro Tool Plus, iVAC Pro Blast Gates and iVAC Remotes.

In many situations in these markets Dust Extractors are fitted with a No Voltage Reset (NVR) switch that provides power to the Dust Extractor. In the event of a loss of A.C. Mains power, the NVR switch resets and requires manual intervention to be set again.

There are two basic types of switches that perform the NVR function. Some are mechanically set and some are electrically set. The iVAC Pro MSC is designed to work in conjunction with electrically set versions.

The iVAC Pro MSC interfaces with the Magnetic Switch of a Dust Extractor by means of a five conductor Control Cable

The iVAC Pro MSC receives digital wireless commands from either iVAC Pro Remotes or iVAC Pro Tool Plus units and then turns the Dust Extractor on or off as required, via its Magnetic Switch.

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